by Look Out Kid

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released October 8, 2012


Zarcia Zacheus - Voice
Andrew Orkin - Guitars
Tembinkosi Mavibela - Double Bass
Mike Wright - Drums
Daniel De Wet - Piano/Organ
Janus Vander Merwe - Saxophones
Kate Moore - Violin/Viola
Carla Taljaard - Cello
Kaz-leigh Straightfill and Thapelo Lekoane - Backing Vocals

Music, Lyrics and Arrangements by Andrew Orkin.
Engineered by Andrew Orkin and Mike Wright at GloryVale Studios and Rechord Studios.
Mixed and Mastered by Jacob van der Westhuizen at Benjamin Studio
Album Artwork by Alexander Richards.
Album Design by Mark Chaskelson



all rights reserved


Look Out Kid Johannesburg, South Africa

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Track Name: Quiet in Motion
Take me away to your fairy-tale garden
I’ll wear my cape wrapped right around my neck
We’re both our own escapes, the childhood remains
The naivety to still believe
That we won’t bend
We won’t break
We won’t burn
For our mistakes.

Show me your way, your passage to freedom
From prying eyes that take away my breath
These walls wont keep us safe, our secret’s in the air
No need to hide yet we conspire
To keep us sane
To keep us safe
To hide the world
From our mistake.

Why should we change, content beyond reason
We’re in-between, no need to be misled
Their words won’t even dent, the castle we sleep in
Free to reign, no noose around our neck
‘Cos we won’t bend
We won’t break
We’re riding free
From their mistake.
Track Name: Stepping Out of the Rain
Stepping out of the rain
Into a hundred mile hurricane
There's nothing left you say
Oh baby how I wish it was that way.

If the shoe fits don't wear it
Content in bliss I can't bear it.

But we both need our time to grow
And intertwined we're trapped so
We're parting ways
Parting ways at the crossroads.

Now you're off to the green
The greener pastures that you seek
No room left for me
I guess I'll just ride in the back seat.

If the shoe fits don't wear it
Content in bliss I can't bear it.

But we both need our time to grow
And intertwined we're trapped so
We're parting ways
Parting ways at the crossroads.

Don't come running its over you see
Don't come running now, back to me.
Track Name: Collide
If I could hide you from the world outside
The darkness only known by you and I
We're inconsolable yet intertwined
Escape our burden's eyes

Take our story's words and find the source
The turning point, elation to remorse
Compare our fairytale and utter worst
From darkness to devine.

I don't mind, where we go
As we collide, I'll follow
I don't mind, if I know
Your every word, so hollow.

Just say the word, and I will trail you down
Deep beneath the earth and dusty ground
A sanctuary where we can't be found
The past wont haunt us now.

Don't wake me please, all I have left is this dream
Away from truths I cannot bear to see
You chose him over everything and me
Betrayed our only vow.
Track Name: Safe House
The words that escaped my mouth
I regret them now, but the damage is done
I can’t escape your lies
They’re our burden now, our history told.

If you could release my soul
I would turn around, and face life on my own
But I can’t escape your eyes
Under lock and key, I just want to be free.

I don’t know where I should be
I'm hanging on to your sympathy
Grasping to your words of sand
Washing through your hollow hands.

Morality, blurring wrong from right
I’m a hypocrite, being brought to the light
No need to apologise
I’m a vengeful soul, so bear the fruits that you’ve sewn.

I will tear through all who I know
No inhibition now, crown of thorns on my throne
Its all hollow I realize
A mild distraction from the truths I dare see.

Forgiveness please come knock on my door
There’s no room in me to hate anymore
Let bitter scent subside
This isn’t me, not what I want to be.
Track Name: Fish to Find
Send it in a postcard
But don't address it to home
'Cos baby I'm gone
Feel around for my arms
In your empty bed
'Cos I'm not there.

Baby if you don't know by now
All the things you put me through
And all the things you said you'd do
Is it wrong for wanting some change
From everyday philosophies and all the animosity?

On the sweet free breeze
With a little spark of spontaneity
I've become what I most enjoy
I've become the Gypsy Boy.

I'm travelling on you know I'm travelling light
With no regrets and no insights
I left you there with no one by your side
Drunk mornings and sleepless nights, no.

You can turn it around and upside down
Look under every rock
'Cos baby I cant be found
You're the full proof fool
And there's nothing left to say or do
'Cos I'm not there

I'm smiling free
Those tears were temporary
There are many fish to find
And you're the one I left behind
And baby there's no point to cry
'Cos I'm moving on now and I'm happy anyhow.
Track Name: Cold Hearted Woman
Cold hearted woman
Got ice in her chest
Cold hearted woman
In her red floral dress

Hands by her sides
Worn to the bone
There's something haunting
How her voice drones on

She said: "Come down here boy
Dont you be scared
'Cos I wont hurt you
I'll just rip off your head"

Cold hearted woman
She's so cold inside

Regretful and bitter
Is all I can see
But how can you blame her?
When she's down on her knees.

Man ran off and left her
After beating her dry
Blood on the walls
And she's got two black eyes.